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Special projects


Bottom-up fundraising can be an excellent catalyst of resources to improve initiatives with social and environmental impact, deemed to be useful and important by those people and communities who choose to participate in making them a reality.

In 2014, we created the Banca Etica’s network on Produzioni dal Basso: an online platform where organizations, members and clients of Banca Etica can raise funds to carry out their own cultural, social and environmental promotion projects. Produzioni dal Basso is Italy's the first crowdfunding platform, and was created in 2005. It represents the largest Italian community of reward based crowdfunding and donation and one of the most important European realities in the panorama of the sharing economy.

Every year Banca Etica launches “calls for tenders” to support projects with specific themes. The selected projects are published on Produzioni dal Basso: those who reach 75% of the target receive the remaining 25% from Gruppo Banca Etica, thanks to the Etica Sgr fund for crowdfunding and microfinance.


Since 2011, Banca Etica has been one of the pioneers to finance workers buyout initiatives: failed companies reborn as cooperatives thanks to commitment of former employees and the support of ethical finance. A way to save jobs, know-how and professionalism.