TRANSPARENCY | Banca Popolare Etica


Transparency is the main incentive for the responsible use of money in one of the most crucial and complex sectors of economic system today: banking and finance.

Banca Etica asks its investors to sign a declaration stating that they share the principles of its Charter and that the origin and use of money must comply with these principles.

Banca Etica is one of the few banks in the world to publish on its website all loans granted to organizations and social enterprises, indicating the names of the bodies that receive funding, the amount and type of financing. This way all investors can know how the money raised is being used.

An account of all the bank's activity is published in the Integrated Report, which combines elements of financial statements with social and environmental performance.

With the online Sustainability Report, the result of the report and the comparison with the various stakeholders (clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers, partners), Banca Etica provides an online account of the social and environmental aspects of its activity, welcoming visitors’ comments and suggestions.