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Our network in Italy


Etica Sgr is an asset management company, the only organization in Italy which offers just socially responsible investment funds. Etica Sgr was founded by Banca Etica on the belief that analysing the environmental, social and governance aspects of securities issuers as well as the financial aspects might offer added value also in terms of performance.

Etica Sgr offers a responsible approach to the financial markets, screening the securities in its portfolio against ethical criteria. It also exercises its subscribers’ shareholder rights in the companies in which it invests, talking to them and urging them along the path towards more responsible behaviour.

By embracing social and environmental criteria, codified in a transparent methodology, the company is able to manage risk more effectively, and reap sizable investment opportunities.

Etica Sgr is a full member of several international and national networks for excellence in ethical finance. It's the first Italian asset management company to have made a concrete commitment to climate change by joining the Montréal Carbon Pledge on carbon accounting and the reduction of the carbon footprint of our equity investments Etica Sgr has been offering responsible investment funds and ESG consulting through its team of highly qualified specialists.

A mix of skills which makes its model unique in today’s market. 


Fondazione Finanza Etica operates at a national and international level for the promotion, research and education on the issues of ethical finance as a tool to enhance wellness, sustainability, human and civil rights and new economic ideas. In the area of environment and corporate social and economic responsibility, the Foundation since 2008 is the first organization in Italy engaged in critical shareholder activity: a democratic and economic practice leading to raise questions and disputes, within the General Assembly of the companies whose behaviors are considered harmful for environment and human beings, together with NGOs and civil society organizations.

In 2007 the Foundation bought a symbolic number of shares on Eni and Enel to raise the issues of the civil society and the movements from the South in the assemblies of the most important Italian companies and to promote the role of small shareholders and their contribution to the activity of the corporations.

IN 2016 the Foundation bought shares of Finmeccanica (actually Leonardo), in 2017 of Acea (an integrated multi-utility company, leading in the Italian market, managing water and electricity networks and environmental services) and in 2018 of Generali (one of the world largest insurance companies) and Rheinmetal (a German company active in the field of weapons production).

Critical shareholders activism are developed with the support of Re:Common, Global Witness, Rete Disarmo (Disarmament Network) and Forum Italiano dei Movimenti per l’Acqua (the Italian Forum of the Water Movements).

The Foundation owns the online information website Valori, specialized on the issues of social economy, ethical finance and sustainability. The Foundation is member of many networks and campaigns in Italy and abroad, such as Finance Watch, Clean Clothes Campaign, Robin Hood Tax Campaign.


In 2019 Banca Etica enters the capital of Cresud, an Italian company founded in 1999 specialised in microfinance in the developing countries.