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In Spain

In 2002, Banca Etica's story intersected with that of FIARE, a Basque Popular Foundation for the establishment of a Spanish Ethical Bank, promoted by social economy and international cooperation networks.

The shared values and goals facilitated a relationship and collaboration, which became gradually closer and, in 2005, the FIARE Agency was created, to place Banca Etica products in Spain.

A real process of integration began in 2012 with the establishment of Area FIARE, with the first Spanish members investing in Banca Etica share capital, twinning with volunteer members of both countries and the appointment of the first Spanish councilman to the Board of Directors.

In 2014, with the first branch opening in Bilbao, under the brand name FIARE Banca Etica, a dream became reality: that of being fully operational in Spain with a banking and savings management model totally inspired by the principles of ethical finance.

FIARE Banca Etica offers the main products and banking services to all individuals and organizations who wish to provide solidarity and support the development of the economy with their savings.

Nowadays we have offices in Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona. 

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