Funding | Banca Etica


With the savings that it raises, Banca Etica finances only projects, companies and organizations that are capable of producing social and environmental value in one of the following areas.

  • COOPERATION and INNOVATION Social services, education and health, fighting social exclusion, providing employment for the disadvantaged.
  • INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION Providing funding to non-profit organizations and NGOs working in the southern areas of the world, supporting Fair Trade, training for micro-enterprises and development of partnerships.
  • ENVIRONMENT Reduction of energy consumption, development of renewable energy sources, promotion of organic and bio-dynamic farming and sustainable projects.
  • CULTURE and CIVIC SOCIETY Promotion of a culture of legality, enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage, support for non-profit associations and projects for socio-cultural leadership, responsible tourism.

Banca Etica complements traditional economic investigation with a socio-environmental assessment of loan applicants. This evaluation is based on parameters such as democratic participation, transparency, equal opportunities, respect for the environment, compliance with working conditions, local ties. The socio-environmental assessment is carried out by the “social assessor”, an active member who is specially trained and certified by Banca Etica.